Tough burlesque dames backstage in Dwain Esper’s exploitation film Sex Madness (1938).

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Someone please message me?




Bad Girl.

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sadvillains you with your pink hair lol

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//Glad my aunt is okay. Hope she comes home tomorrow//

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Working with idiots

So my coworker had never heard of Wu-tang before so I gave him some of my favorite songs to listen to. He was all cool towards it. I felt like “giving ppl life, one Wu-tang recommendation at a few time.” Right?
Then yesterday, I’m hanging with my other coworker, and she tells me that he was at work just talking mad shit about them. How they suck and I’m stupid for considering that to be real rap/hip hop.
Wtf… Like I’m so ready to see this fucking prick and just..just. Ugh. Not real rap/hip hop? He knows dick. What a little bitch.

You know what’s sad?
All these violent anti-drugs kids will probably never think Pineapple Express is a funny ass movie. Doesn’t that blow….

Now I’m not saying all straight edge kids are asshole’s. No, that’s blind, ignorant stereotyping. But like those specific douche bags that with even the slightest mention of drugs or alcohol (even if implied in a joke) will gets so butt hurt and start insulting you and just going off


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My priorities


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Took a pic of my feet during video notes cuz I’m happy I got vans again