Battle Angel Alita

I originally posted this months ago and it only received a few hits.

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I’m a Libra. I hold grudges. It takes me a long ass while to get over your shit.

//Made a bet with my coworker and let’s say victory was sweet//
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Too cute to not post

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Helped close tonight

I did the reports, did the deposit and closed the store. This whole promotion thing has got me all excited. Sober living was worth it.
I just wish I could smoke a blunt to celebrate this awesome occasion.

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Got promoted..

All I got to do is pass my drug test. I’ve been clean for two months*pats myself on the shoulder * Ehh, its good I guess. Sober living seems do-able. Tested myself some weeks ago. Still came out positive.
Freaking out a little cuz I don’t want to get fired.
Its stupid.
You can’t smoke pot and do your job? I fucking excelled on everything while on the reefer so it doesn’t make any sense.
“Ooh look at me, I’m a pothead and I’m gonna face the fuck out of this whole store, treat every customer like fucking royalty, and scrub the bathrooms so fucking clean, a nun’s piss won’t compare to its cleanliness…don’t hire me. I love weed and can still do my job and more.”
Pssh, over it